Wellesley Mennonite Church was founded in 1975 to join other churches in serving the spiritual needs of Wellesley, Ontario and the surrounding area.

We are rooted in the Anabaptist tradition.  our goal is to offer healing and hope in the name of Christ.

We offer a hand in friendship; practical help to those in need; a place to pray, worship, an make a joyful noise to God through music.

As Anabaptist-minded Christians, we place a great emphasis on following Jesus in daily life, being part of a Christ-centred community and seeking to overcome conflict in nonviolent ways.  For us;

  • Jesus is the centre of our faith
  • Community is the centre of our lives
  • Reconciliation is the centre of our work

We strive to nurture and equip everyone to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, as well as care for each other's needs.

We strive to minister in the name of Christ, in places of pain and brokenness, in both our community - and beyond.