About Us

Wellesley Mennonite Church was founded in 1975 to join other churches in serving the spiritual needs of Wellesley, Ontario and the surrounding area.

We are rooted in the Anabaptist tradition.  Our goal is to offer healing and hope in the name of Christ.

We offer a hand in friendship; practical help to those in need; a place to pray, worship, an make a joyful noise to God through music.

As Anabaptist-minded Christians, we place a great emphasis on following Jesus in daily life, being part of a Christ-centred community and seeking to overcome conflict in nonviolent ways.  For us;

  • Jesus is the centre of our faith

  • Community is the centre of our lives

  • Reconciliation is the centre of our work

We strive to nurture and equip everyone to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, as well as care for each other's needs.

We strive to minister in the name of Christ, in places of pain and brokenness, in both our community - and beyond.

Our Ministries

KFC (Kids For Christ)

KFC is a program for kids in grades 1 through 5 made up of children
from within the congregation and the larger community. KFC is held
at the church and is typically on the frst Monday of the month from
6:45-8pm. The children are divided into groups and follow a rotation
of activities which include games, crafts, snacks, and important
lessons from the Bible through an interactive teaching time. Each
month follows a theme which gets incorporated into each of the
activity stations. The evening is a fun and safe place for kids to sing,
play, eat, laugh, and grow in their faith.

MYF (Mennonite Youth Fellowship)

MYF is ministry for high-school age youth. This group is made up of
youth from the congregation but also friends and community members
as well. They meet on an average of 2 times per month, typically on the
weekend. They have a very broad spectrum of events, anywhere from
volunteering at the MCC Thrift Store to playing road hockey. During
these events new friendships are built and a safe space is created for
the youth to learn about Christ and what it means to live as a follower
of Him.






Junior Youth

Junior Youth is a ministry for those in grades 6-8. This group is made up of youth from the congregation but also friends and community members as well. They meet once a month on a weekend. This lively group enjoys many different events such as tubing at Chicopee, sleepovers at the church, and playing games with residents at Nithview. In all this our hope and prayer is that community is built within this group and that they would have a safe place to learn, grow, and ask questions about their faith.